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Wearables and Medical IoT Interoperability & Intelligence (WAMIII) Workshops

Security, trust, privacy and interoperability for a connected clinical device ecosystem

There are millions of devices currently in the health ecosystem that monitor and/or deliver life-saving treatment for patients from the hospital bed to the comfort of their living rooms. These “deep technology” health devices are surging in growth and coming in new forms all trying to keep the patients connected to extract data that would lead to better surveillance, diagnostics or treatments. With so many of these devices on or around patients, many questions come to mind: If patients are connected through devices, then how is it they are unconnected from their data? How secure are the devices and the data distribution channels? Where is the data going? Are these devices interoperable? What are the technology limitations of these devices? And the list goes on…

Virtual Talk Series – EXTENDED!

The IEEE SA WAMIII Virtual Talk Series
The WAMIII virtual talks series will continue to convene and educate the global community of technologists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, regulatory, patient advocates, bio/pharma professionals and any other stakeholder who have a common interest in developing solutions around the safe, responsible and validated use of connected wireless medical devices in, on, and around us.

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Sessions On Demand

  • Blockchain and smart contract security in practice
  • The Knowledge Model
  • Cracking the Code on Medication Adherence with an Ingestible Sensor
  • Overview of Medical Device Communication Test Methods and the NIST Test Framework
  • TIPPSS for Connected Healthcare – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security
  • Unique Device Identification (UDI) Across The Device Landscape
  • Self-Powered Wearable Devices and Sensing Systems from the ASSIST ERC
  • What Medical Device Vendors Can Learn From Past Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosures

Event Notices

WAMIII Cleveland

Notice of event date move to November 2020
Due to the recent release of new CDC guidelines on limited crowd gathering and global travel restrictions, the WAMIII Workshop: originally scheduled for 30 April – 1 May 2020 has been moved to November 2020. The workshop organizers are currently working with the host venue to reserve a date in November 2020. Once the dates are confirmed we will post them here. In the meantime, the organizers continue to monitor the situation and plan accordingly to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants. We hope all continue to stay safe and careful during this time.

WAMIII Raleigh

New Dates Announced: 28-29 January 2021
We are delighted to announce the new dates for IEEE SA WAMIII Workshop: Use Cases and Technical Considerations for InBody Wireless Devices originally scheduled for 16-17 March 2020 in Raleigh, NC. Registration for this event is now open. Take advantage of the super early bird registration fee of $199 completely refundable through 30 November 2020.

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An “Outcomes-Designed” Workshop Series

The Workshop Series is intended for attendees to learn about the opportunities and challenges surrounding data interoperability of wearable devices within the connected health wearable system – users, software, communications, networks, data, hardware, services, firmware and more.  The forum will tackle the following educational objectives with the goal of engaging a diverse community of stakeholders – regulatory, sensor developers, technologists, and health professionals – to participate in wireless testbeds and workstreams for technical standards and industry guidance documentation.

Themes Addressed in ALL WAMIII Workshops

  • TECHNOLOGIES: Creating the seamless PAN (“Patient” Area Network) experience
  • INTEROPERABILITY: Device to device; device to patient
  • END-TO-END SECURITY: From the source through transmission to endpoint
  • TRUST IN THE DATA: Validation and verification of IoMT data without question
  • DATA GOVERNANCE: The patient’s right of privacy and consent to share their data.
  • APPLYING INTELLIGENCE RESPONSIBLY: Using AI and ML Artificial to move IoMT data
    beyond monitoring to address critical challenges in the healthcare system

Outcomes To Date

The workshop series supports the development of consensus-driven technical standards, industry guidance, and overall adoption of clinical grade sensors to be used in clinical and hospital practice settings.  There have already been 3 workshops in 2018. The following outcomes derived and/or contributed to the development of the following projects:

Upcoming Workshop Series

Further evaluating opportunities and development of solutions for closing the disconnect of clinical-grade wearables in us, on us, and around us for healthcare.

The IEEE SA WAMIII Virtual Talk Series has been EXTENDED!

WAMIII is an IEEE Standards Association initiative supported by IEEE SA Life Science and Health Practices, the Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen Industry Connections Program (IC 17 011 01), Technology and Data Harmonization for Enabling Remote Clinical Trials Industry Connections Program (IC19-004), and the Digital Inclusion Identity Trust and Agency Industry Connections Program (IC17 002 02).